Guest Post: Nap Time

[Today’s Guest Post comes to us from Kelsey…the picture made me laugh out loud.  Thanks for sharing your story, Kelsey!  If you’ve got a story (and hopefully a picture to go along with it!) about your husband or boyfriend that you’d like to see on the blog, send it to:

No matter when we have to leave, what has to be done, or how close we are to going to bed…he just wants to take a nap.  It starts out just like this,

Him: “What time do we have to be there?”

Me: “5:30, and we better leave a little early so we don’t sit in traffic.”

Him: “Well can I take a nap first?”

Me: “…You realize it’s 4:30, right?”

Yes, he asks me like he’s a little kid.  This would all be fine if he actually took naps.  Instead, he will pass out for 3 hours into what most people would call a coma.  Sometimes he’ll ask me to wake him up in 10 minutes.  To be nice, I’ll continue doing whatever and let him sleep an hour.  When I go back to the room to get him up, he says, “But I didn’t really nap!  It took me forever to fall asleep and Dobby [the dog] kept moving around, and then someone locked their car…”  This is his excuse every single time.

It’s easy to tell he’s lying.  When this guy’s head hits the pillow he’s out no matter what background noise there is.  I’ve even attached proof.  We bought a new dining room table for our kitchen.  I did a lot of the work, and he just had to move some of the trash out of the kitchen.  I went back to the bedroom to look out the window to find out why moving some boxes onto the deck takes 2 hours.  This is what I found:


22 responses to “Guest Post: Nap Time

  1. HA! My husband is the same way with his naps and even though he is snoring and OUT COLD, when I wake him he tells me how he couldn’t even sleep because the dogs were aggravating him and I was making too much noise!!! (Mind you I am usually not even IN THE HOUSE!)

  2. You: Oh, my gosh, are you sleeping in the box?
    Him: No, a big wind gust went by and I had to lay on the boxes so they wouldn’t fly out into the neighborhood.
    You: There are screens on the porch.
    Him: Yeah, it could have torn the screens.
    You: So, you had to lay there for two hours?
    Him: No, I was restacking and smashing the cardboard down for the recycling pickup. I had to put my whole body into it to get it all to smash down just right. In fact, it was hard work and now I am pretty tired….Honey, is it ok if I just take a quick nap?

  3. I am still laughing at that picture. I have never in my life been around a man that will take a nap, so I am kinda jealous.

  4. I love this story! I especially love the evidence!

  5. Omgosh, this just described my boyfriend perfectly, lol! I’ll tell him we have to get ready to go somewhere and he needs a nap first! Or he’ll tell me he’s going to nap while the kids are napping….and he still sleeps once the kids wake up from their 2 hour nap, lmao! This guy even takes a “snooze” as he calls it, before going to bed!! He’ll lie down and snooze for 15-20 mins before making his lunch for the next morning, and getting ready for bed! LMAO!

  6. I totally understand the male need for mega-naps. My own husband loves naps. Unfortunately, he can’t just nap for two hours and be done with it. His naps last 3 1/2 – 4 hours! It’s aggravating. And guess who is taking care of our 2-year-old in the meantime?

  7. I agree with Keli, I’m jealous. I’m the nap taker in my relationship. I want to take a nap at least every other day, and my guy won’t ever take one with me. Instead, he stays up making noise, and keeping me awake.

  8. This is REALLY funny… the pic and the story, together. hahahaha

  9. This is GREAT!! I thought my hubby was the only one who went into comas and called em naps! lol

  10. Thanks everyone! Thanks for posting it, too!

  11. *I* go into comas and say it was a nap. some days i can get by, others i SO need that 5 hours. i have health issues to blame it on, bcause otherwise i wouldnt bother. 😉

    GREAT photo, too!!

  12. “My wife is annoying” maybe somthing new to think about lol … u two made me laugh all day long…

  13. Wow our husbands MUST be related. Not only does mine NEED to nap all the time but he also suffers from idiot syndrom. He really does act retarded at times. Even our kids look at him in ways people get looked at when they ask or make stupid statements. Then he takes a nap. Go figure.

  14. My annoying boyfriend nap story:
    Myself, boyfriend and out-of-town guest are about to go out for dinner. We’re locking the front door when boyfriend realizes he should run to the bathroom first. He goes back inside. 5 minutes pass. 10 minutes pass. 15 minutes pass, and boyfriend is still inside. I tell my guest that I had better go investigate. I find him asleep on the bed!! When confronted, he provides this oh-so-macho excuse, “I stubbed my toe and really needed to lie down.” Seriously? ANNOYING!!

  15. my husband falls asleep on the couch and I only get to see him like 2 hours or so a night. I’m lonely and then he says he is NOT sleeping! AHHHHHHH! I told him that I’m going to look for an AWAKE husband! Seriously!

  16. I love how mine goes from his home office to the Lazy Boy and is usually snoring within minutes. Unfortunately he is a light sleeper and thoughts of stuffing M and M’s up his nose or shaving cream in the hands are impossible….maybe one of those airhorns…haahaahaa!

  17. Snoring + constant need for naps = sleep apnea

    Sleep apnea robs people of restorative sleep which makes them tired all the time. Apneas are periods of non-breathing, followed by tiny periods of awakening… sometimes dozens of times an hour, hundreds of times a night. The person is generally not aware that this is happening to them — usually they do not even remember waking up. The breathing problems prevent the sufferer from getting any substantial REM or stage 4 deep sleep. Not only is the person tired all the time, but it can also cause short term memory problems, hypertension and car accidents from unintentional “micro-naps.”

    Seriously, if you think the people you care about suffer from this, get them to a sleep clinic.

  18. I’m actually reading and typing this as my husband is taking his daily nap, which is usually around 5:00 – 5:30, just when I’m getting home from work. He’s been sleeping since 5:45 and it is now 8:15. This was just supposed to be a 5 minute nap before dinner! He’s actually moaning while he’s sleeping. He sometimes carries on conversations too. I don’t mind a nap….but this is ridiculous…. we aren’t even married 2 years and he just turned 40! What’s gonna happen when he’s 50..even 60?!
    Tired of the tiredness!!

  19. That picture is hilarious. I had to stop myself from laughing too loudly as my husband is beside me and in the middle of what I call his pre-bed nap.

  20. I just wanted to say Thank-you! That picture probably saved my marriage, for one more day at least. My husband has sleep apnea, and although it’s under control…now; it’s not the “root of all evil”. Oh! how I wish it were. It’s a tough road sometimes, and today it (he) seemed like more trouble then it was worth to try and over look. Your picture really lightened the burden for me. Thank-you so much!

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