The Birthday

This past weekend was my birthday.  Now, my husband has many fine qualities but the romance part?  Well, let’s just say that continues to be a work in progress. He did arrange a nice brunch with family and gave me some very sweet cards.  But the gift he was most excited about and the one he chose to tell people about was…a calculator.

Happy Birthday to Me...

He shouldn't have. Really.

Yes, that’s right.  My husband gave me a calculator for my birthday.  Just to give you a little context, I’m in charge of the finances in our relationship.  I do all the bills, all the banking and basically make all of the financial decisions.  I have on occasion complained about the calculator on my iPhone being too small.  So I suppose he figured the calculator was a thoughtful gift.  Or maybe he just wanted me to stop complaining while I did the bills.

BUT WAIT!  There’s more!

Perhaps you’re thinking, “ok, so he got you a calculator for your birthday.  That’s odd.  But I’m sure he took you out for a nice romantic dinner, right?”  Reasonable question. But don’t forget this is my husband we’re talking about.  So where do you think my fancy birthday was?  Give up?

Happy Birthday To Me...

Happy Birthday To Me...

Yes indeed.  Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  Alright – in fairness to my husband, we ran a half-marathon that morning, spent the afternoon with family and were exhausted by the time evening rolled around.  It’s likely neither of us could have made it through dinner at a restaurant; we probably would’ve passed out after the first glass of wine.  So, a cheeseburger for my birthday it was.  To top off that amazing story of romance, my husband ate a cheese dog, a bacon cheeseburger AND french fries then proceeded to complain the rest of the night about having a stomachache and asking why I didn’t stop him from eating all that food.  Sound familiar?

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  1. Your site is addicting. Hilarious!

  2. Aw, that’s so romantical. Now you can add up all the ways that you love him.

    • myhusbandisannoying

      Sure can. And on days that he’s being really annoying, I can also divide and subtract all the ways I love him.

      • I have a story to top this. It was my birthday and my husband seemed so pleased when he handed me a gift. You see he often forgets so I guess he gets a red star just for remembering. It was a compact screw driver set, you know the kind that you can throw in your kitchen junk drawer. Since he cannot even screw in a lightbulb I guess he figured it would help me out since I did most of the fix up projects in the house. Well turns out he never even purchased this but it was one of those cheapy gifts the local bank gives out. And this is from a man who has a PHD!

      • Not to mention calculating your impending alimony payments to the penny.

        (…what? I thought you liked biting humor…)

  3. lady, you are an A S S.
    if you don’t like your husband, there is always divorce.

  4. Is it the quality of the food or the quality of the company that is more important in your life?

    • myhusbandisannoying

      Dave, the quality of the company is definitely more important which is why I married my husband who, despite having flaws (and don’t we all? I certainly do, but luckily my husband doesn’t blog about them) is one of the best people I know.

    • Guess what Dave??? Bet YOU’D pitch a FIT if your wife didn’t celebrate YOUR birthday or Father’s Day. Hypocrite.

  5. This is pretty funny stuff, but I’m curious (maybe it’s been asked previously), does your husband know about this blog? Ha, if not, hope he doesn’t become a snoop.

    • myhusbandisannoying

      Yes, my husband knows about the blog. In fact, he finds it very funny and encourages it.

      • Well, good for the pair of you, if it works for you.

        Personally, I came to the conclusion that ridiculing one’s spouse reflects pretty badly on the one who is mouthing off, after watching somebody else do it at a dinner party.

  6. By the way, your husband also reminds me of Michael (Steve Carell), if you’ve ever seen the Office

  7. That is more than you deserve, you whiny pill.

  8. I could not stop laughing. Keep them coming.

  9. These guys posting comments on here (ie. steven, dave, harold, etc.) need to get a sense of humor.. quick! Love your blog and love that your husband is man enough and secure enough to laugh with you and encourage it.

  10. Five Guys is so greasy that when you eat anything from there you get a stomach ache.

  11. I love your blog! I’m noticing that all the snide comments are from men. That must mean something, eh? That women find this stuff so hilarious and men can’t get a grip on being made fun of. I tease my husband all the time. He’s deaf and I have great deaf jokes.
    BTW, you can set your comments to be monitored if you don’t want to deal with hate comments. You can preview the comments before they are posted. Didn’t know if you knew that.

  12. So wait, you do all the finances and apparently do not own a calculator except one on your iPhone which you complained was too small. Seems like a calculator would be a great gift. Remind me why this is a bad gift?

  13. Yes, I think i can top this. My husband got me a new set of tires for my birthday. And he was so proud of it. Man, I wish i would have thought of this idea for a blog. I think my husband is WAY more annoying than yours.

  14. Come on! Five Guys is like the Mecca of burger joints. I would love to be at a Five Guys right now … manna, grilled meaty manna.

  15. Ha ha! Oh…shooo. I can totally relate. I’m way into my birthday. Giving me a calculator is only way step away from giving me a new ironing board and slapping me on my June Cleaver-esque clad hiney and saying, “Now! You can’t complain anymore about having to iron my shirts on the kitchen counter!”

  16. The calculator seems like a nice gift. It’s clear he was paying attention to you.

    I don’t understand people who complain about gifts. Was it a big birthday or something? I guess I don’t get what’s “annoying” about your husband. Maybe that makes me annoying to my wife… oh no.

  17. i love your articles!but i can beat you..1 yr my husband went xmas shopping when we were engaged..i was so excited..i had gotten him a nice diamond ring and gold watch..well he hands my gifts to me in a brown bag..i got sweat socks,face sponges,and sweat pants so i could lose wt!i cant believe i married him i cried all night lol

  18. When we first were dating, my husband gave me a tv for my birthday. Since that event, he has a “no gifts with electric cords for michelle’ rule. Like your husband, he really was being thoughtful, giving me something better than the one I had. But that was long before I learned to ask for what I want, too. That can take time. But it’s still fun to complain to our girlfriends when they don’t get it right, then figure out how to encourage guys to do better, cause they really want to get it right. Course, I’m saying this after knowing my husband for 20 years, so…:)

  19. I find your husband’s sense of humor absolutely hilarious and the fact that it comes through so clearly and undistorted in your blog, with the point of his jokes still in tact goes to your credit as a great “journo” and blog writer. And because of this, I also think you must be one of his biggest fans.

    And what is this, a town hall forum? No! Feel free to remove the idiots calling you an ASS and whatnot from your blog. It’s uncomfortable and they wouldn’t say it to your face.

    And congrats on fabulous blog

    • myhusbandisannoying

      DK, I agree that most of these people wouldn’t say the derogatory things to my face that they’ve posted in the comments and while I certainly find them insulting and hurtful, I am a passionate believer in the right to free speech. I think that everybody has a right to express an opinion even if it’s a dissenting one. As I said before, I’ll only draw the line at hate speech, vicious personal attacks and foul language.

      I’m glad you enjoy the blog!

  20. Seriously, lady… you sound like you need to take a pill and chill out. Your husband may think this is cute and encouraging you (for now), but when the relationship goes south, this blog will make great ammo for his divorce attorney.

    If you feel the need to blog about the quirks of personality inherent in all people, include YOUR shortcomings and things you notice in other people.

    Humans can find something irritating in every other human being. Make strangers amusing.

    Or did you start this blog because your friends told you flat out they were tired of you whining about your husband?

    Just remember the standard wedding vows – for better or for worse.

    Your husband sounds like he actually listens to you (calculator because you complained the one on your iPhone was too small) and is considerate of you (quick dinner after a tiring day).

  21. LOL, they do think they are being thoughtful when they give us stuff like that, one year my husband was soooo excited about his gift to me for my birthday…… said he knew i was wanting one, etc, etc, so I had all sorts of things in mind that I knew I had mentioned……… it was a mailbox…… he kept hearing me say we needed a new one because someone had taken a ballbat to all the ones on the street …. 2 years before……

  22. My husband gave me a toilet one year for Christmas. I went downstairs in my pajamas to a beautiful fire, Christmas carols playing in the background and a toilet by the tree. I have pictures. I can prove that this is true.

    • Omg lol I had the worst night and this just made it better. Btw it’s my birthday and my husband got me a knitting book and yarn!!! Just because i Casually said i would like to learn to knit. Trust me he’s not getting to see me naked for a while. But thanks for the laugh. I don’t know how guys just can’t get it. Birthdays are about you and they should buy something for you…perfume clothes shoes jewelry are always safe. Anything else is uncharted territory. Really they should learn these things in school or just listen to common sense.

  23. Gifts from MY husband: (for my september birthday) a pair of size 5 flip flops. I’m a size 8. A car coat (the kind my mother would wear) also, not my size. An orange vinyl pocketbook with olive green straps. An envelope of money(when I specifically said I would never enjoy cash as a gift – How wrong I was!) and, best of all, NOTHING.

  24. Last year my birthday was 3 weeks before our wedding. My husband gave me an apron.

  25. I can relate. here are some gifts my boyfriend has given me over the last 3 years: A power drill, rosary beads, potholders, a tea set, and a grill. He can’t seem to decide if I am a man or an old lady. I was actually happy when I got a gift certificate to a liquor store.

  26. Sounds like my husband and yours were separated at birth.

    For Valentines Day this year I received a box of “Hot Dipped Galvanized Nails.” Because you know that NOTHING says “I love you honey,” like a full box of Hot Dipped Galvanized Nails. The prior year I received an apron with chili peppers on the front declaring how “hot” I am.

    I’ve returned the favor by giving him a gift certificate to a fabric store.

    Whomever suggested it’s the thought that counts clearly has not yet received a box of nails, aprons, calculators or yes, a car horn for their birthday, Christmas, anniversary or Valentines day.

    • at least he believes in Valentines Day, mine does not and then when I am in a bad mood after he goes out to get something. two years ago, my little son put something in an envelope for me, starbursts or something and my hubby thought it would be funny to put in something from him, he put in a Listerine Strip…. NOT a pack of them, ONE LISTERINE STRIP!!! I was so pissed that two days later he felt bad and sent out and got a DUPLICATE orange cameo necklace (not an expensive one) like the one he got me a few Valentines before!!!!! The thing is it is gold and orange cameo and I wear tons of silver, no gold and I do not have one single orange thing in my entire wardrobe

  27. Your blog is hysterical! Wait 10 years & he’ll stop buying you gifts altogether. I promise. Then you can buy your own gifts & say, “look what you got me – it’s perfect!!”

    Also, you are not alone – my husband is quite annoying but in a totally different way than yours. It can get pretty rated R so I won’t discuss it here, but I know how you feel.
    One thing I can share here is that he met some guy at work who apparently is in love with that phrase “And den….” (think baby-talk voice). Well my husband thought it was absolutely the funniest thing he’d ever heard I guess, and decided to start using this phrase when speaking with me.

    I began working out ways to kill him without getting caught.

    Thankfully, he stopped pretty quickly when all he got for saying it was a really nasty glare from me, and a few moments of me ignoring him completely. I mean, like he wasn’t even there.

  28. The first gift my new boyfriend bought me was a knife sharpener…hmmm an interesting choice I thought. He said it was because he’d been round for dinner and that generally the knives weren’t sharp enough. It couldn’t have been so bad though. That was 16 years ago and we’re still together. He still thinks its great when he buys me a practical gift. Men don’t know that women like frivolity when it comes to gifts…

  29. why the hell did you get married ? i don’t find this “hilarious” at all so i’m out of here…

  30. Love It! It is a sweet calculator, I like the big buttons – and how can you beat the guys burgers? Sounds like a perfect day… 13 miles, a good burger and a helping hand for the finances… pure bliss!

  31. Hey, Five Guys is fucking delicious.

  32. Oh, this is hilarious. I am so sorry that people don’t see the ‘funny’ part of this. I’ve been married for 23 years to a great guy, and yea, gotten my share of ‘annoying’ gifts. It’s true they think they are thoughtful…and they are. Just not what we wanted. I was reading your blog and the comments and to my husband and he was laughing so hard! We thoroughly enjoyed finding your sie.

  33. webothannoyeachother

    I have the worst present story EVER. My ex husband wanted to get me something for mothers day and our daughter wasnt but two years old. So he went shopping.

    He got me a book and a coffee cup. Which is great. I love to read and i drink coffee like theres no tommorow. He got his hug and kiss and i filled the new cup up with coffee and sat down to read the book……. about this mother who horribly abuses her children.

    lol (no he didnt read it he just liked the picture on the cover)

  34. Ignore all the negative comments! REAL healthy relationships should be able to openly talk about the good times and the bad. My husband is annoying too, but I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else in the world. True love is not about finding the perfect’s about finding the perfect man for you. It’s about finding the man (despite their flaws) you can’t live without and vise versa. So far, our friends that have gotten divorced were the ones that were “perfect.” They never really knew what eachother was thinking or feeling because they didn’t want to fight or offend the other person. I love your blogs, so keep them coming. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this and it cracks me up. Can’t wait to show my husband!

    BTW-My bday was in July & my husband got me a heart rate monitor/watch from Walmart! it’s something he’s been wanting for awhile & thought I’d like it too. Turns out it comes in pretty handy (has a stopwatch I can use for my son’s fluency homework).

  35. My husband had a T-shirt that was 14 years old, filled with holes, and about to fall apart. I finally talked him in to getting rid of it, and we made a shirt ripping ceremony out of it, and then celebrated with ice cream cones afterwards. He has given me flash drives and mp3 players as presents when I asked for articles of clothing or kitchen cookware. But the genuine love he shows when he presents these gifts makes it impossible to not love them AND actually use them. lol
    Our relationship is very open and we have found out things about the other that could be deal breakers. But we decided early on that we needed to cut through the garbage and decide if we loved one another enough to live with each other’s flaws. I guess it’s easy for me because my husband and I are both TOTAL DORKS. Last year for my birthday we went for a walk in the park and then went bowling (my idea). This year for my birthday we had an LOTR movie marathon and ate store-bought chocolate cake, that was my fave birthday of all time! He HATES playing Farkle with me because I always win, but he still humors me and plays anyway. I don’t like playing Unreal Tournament with him, but I do it on occasion if he really lays the cheesy love on me.
    This blog is amusing, absolutely. But I agree that perhaps a monthly blog about the annoying things you did in the month might create a balance? Your husband can write it!

    PS – I have only been married for 6 years, so I still have a lifetime of marital wisdom to obtain.

  36. I got a baby monitor for my birthday. It didn’t matter that we already had a monitor that someone had given us at my shower. This was a VIDEO monitor so he just had to have it and my birthday was convenient. No card, no cake, no dinner. I guess giving birth to twins 12 weeks earlier was enough of a present.

  37. Finally! Someone who understand what I am going through in a marriage. My husband is sooo annoying! He and his friends have sophomoric senses of humor – the dirtier and more inappropriate the joke told in front of unsuspecting people the better – and he is prone to playing practical jokes on people; he’s a HORRIBLE & CHEAP gift giver – one year for Christmas he gave everyone t-shirts that he had gotten for free from a giveaway – and was seriously proud of that fact – so consider yourself lucky that he actually spent money on your gift; he is the world’s worst dresser – he would wear holey t-shirts, shorts & underwear to any event if I would let him get away with it; he is prone to “digging for gold” with his finger up his nose at inappropriate times – a fact that he kept hidden from me the entire time we were dating – and of which there is a picture of him in the newspaper that was published when he was young (4 years old) of him doing it over his birthday cake (Yuck!!!) – and the list goes on, and on, and on of his odd behavior…

    I have finally, after 15 years of marriage, given up ever trying to change him and have learned to modify my own behavior so that I am able better able to tolerate living with my spouse. This man is the most annoying human being I have ever come in contact with – but yet, he is a loving husband, an amazing father – great with our two kids and does not act inappropriately in front of them – is an amazing provider – works two jobs to support the family – and is an incredibly loyal friend to people. So, I continue to love and support him – even with all of his eccentricities…

  38. As a happily married man, I do not parade personal intricacy’s present in my marriage and find it distasteful to do so.

    While this blog appears to be funny and innocent on the surface. Your venting, appears to be nothing more than self serving gratuitous remarks.

    When you mention : I do all the bills, all the banking and basically make all of the financial decisions.” It does not appear you respect him as your equal.

    I think Marie said it best:
    “If you feel the need to blog about the quirks of personality inherent in all people, include YOUR shortcomings and things you notice in other people.”

    Why don’t you respond to your detractors? I see most your responses are only comments in admiration to you. This further validates my theory of being self serving.

    Remember You Reap What You Sow . This blog may become bigger than you intended to in so many different ways, but which will all lead to damage to your marriage. If your Marriage dissolves some day, please let us now in your blog. I give your marriage 2 years.

    That’s All

  39. Rick!

    Thanks so much for offering your prediction of how long my marriage will last (only another year and a half? Geez, guess I’d better start packing?) but I’m sorry to tell you despite what you may have heard in your humor-impaired circles, there is NO–repeat NO–official pool and no prize, so I’ll jot down your prediction in my imaginary thanks-for-playing-notebook, but I’m afraid the best you can hope for is a moral victory. (I know you’re big on morals and so forth)

    Oh… and since I know me, and you clearly don’t, I’ll let you in on a secret. You’re wrong.



  40. Just a fiance at this point so I guess I am cheating here- but he’ll be a husband in 6 days.
    For my birthday last month, I wondered what romantic thing he might write in my card about marrying me soon.
    My card had a dog and a monkey on the front and on the inside it just said, “You’re how old?”.
    He added- Ha! Love (annoying fiance).
    Later that weekend he said, ‘You aren’t mad at me for not getting you a gift are you?’

  41. Well on my 30th Birthday my husband got up early and ran to a local retail giant, I knew he had not gotten me anything for my birthday and when he got home he was smiling….I was like what is he up to? He ran in and handed me a plastic bag with a cake pan and 2 cookie sheets…and said Happy Birthday ! I was speech less and he was like I knew you needed these things so here you go oh wait there is more and for my Bday lunch Mcdonalds drive through…. I was not amused after 20 years he is doing a bit better……I give him a list:)

  42. This is so funny !!! I got for my birthday last year a pedometer (7.00 at walmart )from my hubby and he thought it was cool and neat. But for his birthday I got him nascar tickets. I think the gift thing is so funny .

  43. I LOVE your blog! I just saw you on The Early show and you seems so in love!
    I have to share with you my husband’s gifts to me:
    When we were dating the first gift he ever gave me was a wrist strap with a bell to scare away bears. Next, I got a life-like horned toad replica (for my coffee table???)
    Our first married Christmas I got a lovely pair of hospital scrubs to wear to work. I have determined that he is a rare breed – a hopeless romantic with Asperger’s Syndrome.

  44. I’m waiting for your husband to create his own blog,, and in four years for you to launch

  45. All I have to say in defense of the blogger and her husband is, “Ye without sin cast the first stone.”

    EVERY human being who has ever been in a relationship has found things about their partner annoying. And most ( if not every), partner has vented to either a loved one, friend, or family member about their partner’s behavior at some time. The only difference between the blogger & her husband and anyone else who spews hateful diatribe on this blog is that the author and her husband have the DECENCY to do it to each other’s face. So, kudos to the blogger and her hubby for having the courage to say in public what so many other spouses/mates are saying behind each others backs.

  46. It appears Rick struck nerve, to make Mark (blogger husband) respond.

  47. It’s disappointing to me that people cannot find the humor in this website. The writer and her husband are clearly in love, he clearly has quite a sense of humor himsel,f and is not offended in any way, and this whole thing is meant to entertain. People will find any reason to complain. Lighten up! It’s meant to be FUNNY!

  48. At least he didn’t spell out “BOOBLESS” on the calculator before he gave it to you… 😉

  49. I have to say, the fact he NOTICED that you mentioned your calculator was too small to me is very special and very romantic..

    But then I internet date and am currantly grasping at straws in my attempts to stay believing in romance!

  50. Just found this site. Hysterical. I’ve been married 30 years and have had my fair share of goofy gifts. I had just moved in with my husband – we were not married nor engaged just testing the waters AND it was our first Christmas together. The first gift I opened from him was a roll of sticky fly paper. Nothing like the thought of dead flies hanging on a roll of sticky paper to set my heart aflutter. My life with him has been one laugh after another. Annoying? Absolutely, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

  51. To celebrate my 30th year of life, my darling husband did… nothing. I made a cake for myself. I decorated it. I made dinner that night. And I did the dishes. My husband bought me a computer game (I don’t play computer games). Love it… totally annoying. He did make up for it later though, so I can’t be too annoyed.

  52. Geez guys lighten up, this is humor! Heard about your site on Connie & Fish! Glad to see they are hooking you up with recognition & advertisers.

    My first Christmas with my kids dad was interesting. I was expecting and he gave me a crock pot and maternity clothes. I guess I got the point across because the next year I was given a Victoria Secret gift card, new coat, etc.

    Glad to see you and your husband have a great relationship to laugh at life!

  53. The couple that plays together stays together!

  54. LOL, Annoying Husband, just want to let you know that
    a) your lovely wife is BOUND to be less of a (and I quote the warm & humour filled Rick here) “self serving gratuitous” person than I, and
    b) I am married to your robot- talking- geek- dressing twin, and we have made it to 12 years & three kids, so
    c) ergo, you guys should be OK. For at least twelve years, anyway…dibs on that for the pool, yeah?:)

    P.S What I meant to say, was, I got a lovely copy of The New Zealand Guide To Tax For Small Business owners for my birthday. Also, have you discovered the Flight of The Conchords ‘Robot Song’?.. I know I shouldn’t encourage you but oh well

  55. Amanda!

    How on Earth could I have forgotten the FOTC robot song? It’s far and away my favorite Conchords song, especially the “binary solo” zero zero zero zero zero zero one…

    Hey, FYI, we may be on NZ TV this week, so watch the page and the Facebook Fan Page for details!


    Annoying Husband

  56. I saw you on a talk show, can’t even remember which one right now. I just want to tell of one story I have. I’ve been married almost 10 years and my husband has never put much stock into birthdays too. One birthday he thought it was real funny for him and his kids to give me a new size double D bra for my birthday. Needless to say, I am not a double D. Was that a hint? It just really flew all over me, and then stood there and wrote me out a check! I didn’t think either was funny and tore the check up. He said after that he would never buy me anything else. And I don’t think he did either!

  57. I SWEAR!!!! We must be with twins that were separated at birth. I got a ruler for our 1 year anniversary:)

  58. for my last birthday, my millitary loving guy bought me some used..combat boots…

  59. ok! I LOVE your blog!!! I think that you are a great couple!!! I am going to be sending you some great pics of my “annoying” husband soon. I have some great ones. In relation to this post – my husband eats what he calls the stomach ache special at least 4 times a week. He will put down a full serving or two of dinner then an hour later eat a bowl of cereal, have some chips and salsa, and then some ice cream to top it off. He then asks me why I let him eat all of that crap. I just smile and nod.:)

    I am so glad that I found your blog and can’t wait to read more antics!

  60. Atleast yours got u a gift… Mine did not even bother… he had this typical excuse.. could not anything worth for me.. By the way, it was my first birthday with him after marriage, first birthday away from my family… Knw i have a competitor for your husband on the romantic bit.. he took me to a japanese resturant and asked me whether “I WOULD PREFER WANT A BIRTHDAY CAKE AND A SONG or NOT”. This birthday i had to do away with presents, cake, song … ok.. all most everything… nw tell me how to tame this jerk??????? He He.. Any ideas?

  61. My husband bought me an $11.00 plastic windshield holder for my iphone. It was thoughtful, however, he bought his son a $200.00 suit and sent his daughter a hundred dollars for here wedding anniversary. When we were first married, he would walk into Chicos and say, “It’s my wife’s birthday, help me out.” and come through the door with fabulous gifts.

  62. Hey I totally saw u on Tyra!

  63. my husband always take me to an expensive hotels.

  64. Oh my gosh this is so hilarious! My husband back when we were dating always gave me crappy gifts too or sometimes he wouldn’t give me anything at all but I still love him for trying to get me something. On Saturday is my first birthday as a married couple, cant wait to see what he has up his sleeve because he has been really excited about it, so well see what happens:)

  65. OMG!!! Your husband sounds kinda like my fiance… I love your blog… I just really can’t get enough of it. I sometimes read to my fiance, James, who ironically laughs along with it even though I’m basically reading to him the things he does.

  66. Oh jeez, i just turned 38, my husband got me a book – that i already have. I bought it 3 years ago and it is sitting in plain view of all to see on the bookcase. I know they say its the thought that counts but really, what thought was behind that. and after 13 years together

  67. I honestly think that he was trying to be thoughtful when he bought you that calculator, he probably had absolutely no idea what you’d want for your birthday. You’ve got to show him that feminine part of you in order for him to get the romance thing down. While he’s thinking your uninterested in those romantic sort of things, your craving it.

    Here’s what you can do, which will both help you and him out with the situation. One thing men love is appreciation, write a list of everything that you appreciate about him, then set a date when you two can be alone together. Put on something feminine that makes you feel good and maybe set up a few candles and a dinner for him, then read your list and relate back to the times that each of these qualities applied. He’ll see the romantic dinner you set up and the love your giving him and he’ll have a general idea about romance, this also helps you to be more appreciative of him and gives him the love that he needs and allows him to give you the love that you need.

  68. My birthday was yesterday 12/8 and my fiance bought me headlights because one of mine on my car were out. Last year he gave my a bag full of browned bananas ….they were in a bday bag with tissue and all, apparently he wanted me to make my famous banana bread, he didn’t even get me a card. We didn’t go out to dinner last year, so last night we went to dinner to Red Robin, he didn’t even want to get dessert. When I opened a gift his mother got me (a set of 4browned espresso spoons) and a gift card to starbucks he said “I shoulda waited tl buy us starbucks until you opened this, I coulda used it.” Some birthday. I kept asking where my real gift was and he ended up getting mad at me. Granted we jus had a baby in september and got hit with some nasty dr bills and my my neice my cousin his cousin and his birthday are all in december on top of christmas, were both broke but he knows there’s 2 boxes wrapped for him and he knows they r clothes which is something he “needs

  69. Can you imagine my surprise at finding this blog…July 21 was my birthday. Been married 8 years no problems to speak of certainly not in the gift department untill last month when for some reason I received a charming card, a pretty birthday bag and a package of clothespins. Yup a package of Mainstay wood clothespins not even wrapped. Just placed in the bag. D just thought this was funnier than hell and is still laughing it up because up till then we never seamed to have enough clips to close his chip bags with. “Oh! yuk yuk yuk the problem is solved now honey!” Oh yeah and I got to choose which of the two mexican restaurants in town I would like to choke dinner down while smiling bovinely at his continued awe of his own sense of humor. I was really, inside stunned but masked it wonderfully with that warm smile and toss of my hair. I thought that purchasing a new pair of Dansko shoes the next day would make me feel better. It did a little but, I had to wear them everyday for a week until I got over my “just what the hell was he thinking” attitude. It was great reading all the other post. Good to know I’m not alone.

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