“I ate too much ice cream and now I feel sick”

This was an actual conversation I had with my husband recently…

Husband: [moan]

Me:  What’s wrong?

Husband: [moan] I ate too much ice cream and now I feel sick.

Me: How much ice cream did you eat?

Husband: The whole carton. [moan]


See, my husband doesn’t understand moderation.  I’ll often come home from work and go to the cabinet to have a couple of chips only to find that he’s eaten the whole bag during the day.  I never have any idea what may be left for me in the refrigerator but the answer is usually…nothing.  He just doesn’t know when to stop.  When he eats ice cream, I’ve discovered that I literally have to take the carton and spoon out of his hands or else he’ll finish it and then moan about having a stomachache.  The other night, he ate a gigantic piece of cheesecake and then followed that up with half a bag of chips and couldn’t understand why he felt like he was going to throw up.  The really annoying part about this is that my husband is super-thin.  I mean the kind of thin where he could probably stand to eat a few cartons of ice cream a day to gain some weight.  Meanwhile, if I have even a few spoonfuls of ice cream I see it in my thighs the next day.  Where’s the justice?

30 responses to ““I ate too much ice cream and now I feel sick”

  1. My husband is just the same. Cats know better than to overeat, but not my husband. Especially when it comes to ice cream. His response is always “I’m not hungry, I just love eating.” He’s thin as well.

  2. My hubby does the same all the time! A few weeks ago he confessed he had swallowed a whole pint of ice cream…he didn’t even leave a spoonful for me! Afterwards, he moaned he was feeling unwell. I suggested to blame the ice cream. He naively admittes he had also eaten a whole bag of nachos and its large can of hot sauce!!! He’s like that, my hubby. And of course he’s slim and buff…hate this!!!

  3. Again, I’m sure my husband is more annoying. Not only does he have this freakish sense of timing and gobbles up anything in the fridge that I plan on eating right before I get to it, one time he fed my restaurant leftovers to our dog!

  4. My husband has to be TOLD To eat.. the freak. And he is freakishly thin, *(except for the body building upper body) by nature… which is SUPER annyoying when you used to be super little and a gymnast and are now over 40 and “fluffier” than before…. but the worst is taking him to a restraunt, where he INSISTS on cleaning his plate, no matter how large the portion is, and then spends the whole night moaning and dying about how full he is!!!!!! aaagh! While I sat there eating1/4 of my plate and am now standing on the scale watching it ADD another pound!

    Love your blog.. its great…. gonna put it on my list! ;o)

    We are not newlyweds anymore but everyone says we ACT like it (barf) hahahaha.. so its fun to read and commiserate!

  5. yeah… my husband moves on to MY carton of ice cream after he’s finished his. what was the point in getting separate ice cream cartons?!

  6. Hahaha. Oh yes, mine is the same way. Shea gives plasma twice a week and when ever he goes they check his weight. So one day he comes beeboping in the house, GRABS A BAG OF CHIPS, and says “Hey babe, guess what!? I lost 4 lbs this week! Have you been losing weight too?” I love my husband but at that moment I contemplated beating him with that stupid chip bag.

  7. HAHAHHAH OMG, my bf is the same way!
    its usually in the morning, after he eats chips and candy that he says, oh my stomach hurts and my teeth…
    REALLY i wonder why!

  8. I’ve been married for 22 years to a man who has no compunction about eating the last of whatever I’m saving. No concern for whether I might want some. When I really care, I announce ahead of time that I will be wanting some of the leftover pasta, etc. and to save me some. It usually works, but not always. As for chocolate, I hide it from him- with his consent. Along with anything else that he has no self-control over . It works like this: “can I have 3 pieces of chocolate?” “Sure”. Then I have to go trekking to the hiding place and get it. As if he can’t hear my footsteps or the drawer opening and closing. Last time my sister was visiting, I hear this voice coming from the guest bathroom: “why is there chocolate in your bathroom drawer?”

  9. Ahahaha!!! I love it! My husband does the exact same thing! And, I’m like babe…did you seriously think you would feel lovely after devouring a carton of ice cream, in 5 minutes?? Lol…gotta love men:-) And THEN, they want you to baby them and rub their belly! Lol…it is so wonderful that you & your husband are so comfortable with each other to laugh at your quirks…God bless your marriage:-)

  10. Lol, Just stumbled onto this site. I sound a lot like your husband:) Super thin but I can eat truckloads. All the girls are jealous of me😛

  11. oh my gosh, my boyfriend is just like that! he has eaten, and I’m not kidding or exaggerating, an entire large combination pizza in one sitting and then complained 30 minutes later that he was still hungry. And I’m still working that slice off!

  12. This reminds me of when my husband ate a whole package of Ritz and small tub of sour cream that he was dunking them in, and then moaned about wanting to throw up for the rest of the evening. I just sat back and laughed at him!
    Or, the time he ate a pound bag of Smarties – those tart little candies that look like baby aspirin, in a 24 hr period. Yes, he’s also obnoxiously thin.

  13. This one truly struck a nerve. My boyfriend, also rail thin, would live on Coca Cola and choclate cookies if I didn’t occasionally intervene.
    Recently, we joined a gym and he was told that he needed to GAIN five pounds. He hits McDonald’s after each gym visit to celebrate with a Coke, cheeseburger and a donut. (sigh!)

  14. OMG!! I thought I had the only husband who did this–only my husband will eat about 1/2 of the carton, return to the kitchen to find some left over cookies or brownies (or anything else I’ve baked this week), a reece cup or 2 and either cool whip or a partially used frosting container in the refrigerator leftover from a cake or cupcakes recently baked and proceed to combine all these ingredients in the empty space of the ice cream carton and continue to eat until finished….only when the carton is empty do I hear…you didn’t want any of this did you?? UGH!!!!!!! How annoying…

  15. My boyfriend does this too, and he loses weight without trying and marches out of the bathroom after weighing himself to announce it to me. Not fair at all.

  16. My husband is also a very thin man with a voracious appetite. He tries to be considerate about our groceries by saving the teensiest little bit at the bottom of the bag or box or carton and then graciously informing me that “the rest is for you”. Thanks, I only wanted one spoonful of ice cream anyway. So annoying.

  17. Lyndsye Anderson

    don’t take this the wrong way because I agree it is totally annoying when you get excited about the leftovers of that great dinner you had only to come home from work and find your lazy husband ate it all, but just to let you know my husband was like that for years…devouring everything in the fridge, until one day he almost died. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Now he’s lost 40 pounds and barely eats anything. So why am I telling you this…while his extreme over eating is annoying, nothing is more annoying than having your husband almost die from diabetic cetoacidosis. Yep a real thing. Just make sure you appreciate what you have and then tell your husband to get tested for diabetes, because if he doesn’t now…at the rate he’s going, he will and that’s a whole other bunch of annoying problems you don’t want to deal with. Good luck. :o)

  18. Wow. I thought I’d heard everything. Then I found a website soundboard of insensitive rants posted by women who, resentful of their own husbands, are too righteous to confront their loved one with their pettiness and rather than discuss it privately like adults, choose to spew it about the Internet.

    I mean – your language is so spiteful. And you have the gall to complain about your husbands metabolism? So like women to covet their own partner’s blessings and focus on what they don’t have rather than thank him for tolerating her and loving her despite the miscreant narcissist that she really is.

    If you view harmless traits like these of your husbands being as annoying flaws, you probably don’t love him. You should go marry someone else with poor metabolism.

  19. Just to be on the safe side, has he had his thyroid tested for possible hyperthyroidism? Ravenous hunger and no weight gain can be symptoms of the condition.
    I’ve got to say after reading your stories it’s made me pretty thankful for my hubby! He absolutely annoys me sometimes but it certainly goes both ways–and that’s the joy of marriage I guess!

  20. Oh. My. God.
    This is a nightly event in my house.

  21. this sounds like a future diabetic to me

  22. I think this is where men are like dogs. They consume until they yack! When did I become the keeper of your fork!?!?!? I just cooked the meal, I didn’t force feed you the food.:)

  23. My hubby’s favorite lunch is chili cheese dogs with jalepenos and diced onion. Needless to say, he doesn’t stop at one and sometimes two seems like a tease. Anyway, after the upteenth time I had to listen to how awful his tummy ache was, I told him that I would no longer offer sympathy if he continued to do this to himself! And let’s not mention the gastric after-effects……no one could blame THAT on one dog!

  24. I can -totally- sympathize with you.
    Before my Fiance moved in, I would cook a couple of 4-person meals over a weekend, freeze them, and live off that for lunches and dinners for the week. Now I find myself cooking a 4-person meal every night, for my man to practically inhale it all at once!

  25. My husband is the same way!! I swear when we go grocery shopping he eats everything we bought the first day. It’ll be 4 or 5 days later and I’ll suddenly remember we bought ice cream, only to find it’s already gone when I go to get some. I want to SCREAM! I seriously want to label our food, but that seems so petty…*sigh*

  26. I have been married to my husband for 3 years. He is NOT skinny, and he can’t seem to control his junk food habit. He eats 2-4 sandwhiches in a setting, he always wants chips and salsa, he orders TWO meals for himself when we go to McD or wherever. If you leave leftovers in the fridge for longer than two hours, he assumes you don’t want it and he eats it himself. Just last week, he ate a half-pound of spicy chicken at one time. If I didn’t hide the giant bag of halloween chocolate, he would eat it all in one afternoon. He compains about gaining weight, not having energy, and his “intestinal issues”, but gets upset when I tell him to stop eating so much. Meanwhile, I eat healthy and exercise and I can’t manage to drop below 198lbs!

  27. My brother eats whatever, whenever he feels like and is skinny. We share good metabolic rate, I’ve noticed if I dont eat any dinner I lose half a kilo overnight. I eat quite healthy. Girls hate me.

  28. If you’re serious about noticing bigger thighs after consuming some ice cream the previous day, then you are obviously delusional, lol.

  29. Karl(from PH)

    Lol i love the part you say “wheres the justice” cause i am mostly like your husband who eat a bunch of things but never gets fat. I never knew the feeling of being curious about my weight. Darn it! -_-

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